Boulder Marijuana Dispensary | Pearl Street


Contact Info
1909 Broadway St.
Boulder,  CO 80302
(303) 862-4064
[email protected]


Store Hours
Mon - Fri 9am – 6:45pm
Saturday 10am – 5:45pm
Sunday 12pm - 5:45pm

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MMJ America - Boulder Marijuana Dispensary


The MMJ America Boulder marijuana dispensary is a cozy shop right around the corner from the walking section of the Pearl Street Mall. It's also the only dispensary where medical patients and recreational can shop at one location. Parking can be a challenge in this part of Boulder, but don’t worry, we’ve got an exclusive parking lot for our customers in back of the store. Our Boulder marijuana dispensary location is just North of “The Hill” which is a notorious college party area next to the University of Colorado.  Broadway runs all the way from South to North Boulder so we’re easy to find, yet the downstairs  entrance offers a discreet way to pick up medication for patients who are concerned about their privacy. Our Boulder marijuana dispensary staff is quick to get to know patients and members to make them feel like dear  friends. Ask about military and CU student discounts at our Boulder dispensary. We hope to see you soon!


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